The power of friendship

Your support is helping the women of Casamance to work together and leave poverty behind for good… will you help us do more of this life-changing work?


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Friendship, fruit, and a whole new future…


For the women of Southern Senegal, a new future starts with fruit…

Life in Casamance is hard. It’s the poorest region of Southern Senegal, and still suffers the effects of a 30 year civil conflict, one of the longest running in Africa. Opportunities to earn a decent living are few and far between.

But thanks to a project run by Traidcraft Exchange, communities are coming together to sell fruits from the forest to new buyers - and by working together, their collective power means they can demand fair prices and regular purchases from buyers.


Soukarou’s Story

My best friends are the other women in the association. There are 31 people in total in our association. The benefits of working together are that we can take advantage of opportunities, like training sessions and selling to others. We have more choices and are a powerful group together. We have a lot of strength and can influence decisions. We also get a better price, because we now sell as a group.

I spend the money I earn on my family, on better food like fish, and sauce for the rice, as well as paying for school equipment for the children. We eat more now, and the food is better quality.

If you have a lot, you must share it with others.
— Soukarou Diedhiou

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