UK MEPs warned not to ‘sit on your hands’ until Brexit Day

26 June 2019

The international development charity Traidcraft Exchange has warned UK MEPs against doing nothing for the next 4 months in the run up to Britain’s scheduled departure from the European Union.


Timed to coincide with the new session of the European Parliament, beginning on 2nd July, Traidcraft Exchange is launching a new campaign to ensure UK MEPs make a positive difference while they are there.


‘Don’t sit on your hands’ encourages members of the public to contact their MEPs and ask them to commit to 4 specific actions to promote fairer trade in the 4 months they are due to serve.


UK MEPs are set to each earn nearly £6,000 a month – and will have amassed nearly £24,000 by Brexit Day. Collectively they will have been paid nearly £2 million pounds by the date on which the UK is scheduled to leave the EU: 31 October 2019.


“However people voted in the referendum they will expect politicians to turn up for work and do the job they are being paid for,” said Tom Wills, Policy Adviser at Traidcraft Exchange.


“It’s likely that they will have just 4 months left in the job so it’s imperative that UK MEPs take up every opportunity to push for fairer trade,” added Tom Wills.


UK MEPs will be asked to:

  1. Join the fair trade movement.

  2. Get up to speed with what Brexit could mean for trade policy.

  3. Speak out against unfair trade and investment rules.

  4. Sign the pledge on business and human rights.




For more information please contact Tom Sharman: or +44 (0)191 497 6443 or +44 (0)7757 753 318


Notes for editors:

Tom Sharman