MPs to be warned not to repeat EU’s trade mistakes in post-Brexit deals

13 November 2017: 15:20


Tomorrow (14 November) experts will set out their case for better post-Brexit trade arrangements between the UK and developing countries.

At a joint meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Groups on the Sustainable Development Goals and Fair Trade, MPs will be warned not to repeat the EU’s trade mistakes as the Government seeks post-Brexit deals. Speakers will present alternative plans that will further international development and reduce poverty.

Traidcraft Exchange’s Director of Policy and Advocacy, Liz May will say:

“Replicating the EU’s trade regime is a missed opportunity to address flaws in the way we trade with developing countries.

“If the Government is serious about fulfilling its pledge to improve trading arrangements with developing countries then it should waive import taxes on goods from a wide range of economically vulnerable countries without expecting anything in return”.

Other speakers at the event include David Luke from the UN Economic Commission for Africa and former DFID Chief Economist, Professor Alan Winters.

The Government published its Brexit Trade Bill on 7 November and has been criticised for aiming to simply replicate existing EU trade agreements with developing countries.


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Notes for editors:

  • Traidcraft Exchange brings people together to fight injustice in trade and further international development. We work closely with our sister organisation: the specialist fair trade company Traidcraft plc. Traidcraft Exchange is a registered charity, no.1048752.
  • The All Party Parliamentary Groups on the Sustainable Development Goals and Fair Trade host their meeting at 9am on Tuesday 14th November 2017 at the House of the Lords. The event will be chaired by Lord McConnell.
  • Traidcraft Exchange’s proposals for Post-Brexit trade for developing countries can be found here:
  • The Government’s Trade Bill can be found here:
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