Policy and Advocacy

Traidcraft Exchange works to promote fairer trading rules and business practices around the world, as a means through which to tackle the underlying causes of poverty and injustice.  We achieve this by influencing governments, businesses and international institutions.

What we do:

  • We carry out research into trade, investment and business practices

  • We lobby those with the power to make a difference

  • We work with our network of passionate supporters to campaign for change


Our policy and advocacy work currently focuses on:


Fairer Supply Chains

How changes to business practice and government policy can make supply chains fairer.

Responsible business and corporate accountability

How the law can be used to enforce greater accountability on all companies and to prosecute those that cause harm overseas

International Trade Justice

How trade and investment rules and agreements between countries can support development.

Our policy work feeds into our campaigns. Find out more about our campaigning work here

We can be contacted by email at policy@traidcraft.org.


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