Traidcraft and Traidcraft Exchange were founded on Christian principles. Our deep rooted belief in justice for the poor and the value and dignity of all human beings is grounded in the Christian faith. We work with people of all faiths and none, and our values resonate far beyond the Christian community. 

We believe that trade and business are vital activities which can generate wealth, support livelihoods and enable people to thrive. But trade is not an end in itself, and business does not inevitably result in equitable rewards for all people.  

Because of our commitment to justice and equality, we believe that trade and business need to be managed and shaped to be fair and accountable, and to help bring about a world where the most vulnerable are included and the environment is sustained.    

Our history and roots in the alternative trade movement mean that the principles of fair trade sit at the core of who we are and what we do, and we will continue to support the movement. However, we recognise that there are multiple ways to achieving fairer and more just trade and business. This is why we pursue a range of approaches and partnerships. 

We believe that we cannot achieve our aims alone and so we work in collaboration and partnership with others who share our goals. We believe in supporting others to use their power to bring about positive change.