Impact Report 17/18

Traidcraft Exchange  uses the power of trade to change the lives of people living in poverty. Below are the main highlights from our work in 2017/18.



Trade has the potential to create lasting solutions to poverty 

But in reality it often doesn't work this way. Many small-scale farmers in developing countries are forced to sell their products into the market on terms they do not control - for unfair, unsustainable prices.

We are helping more and more small-scale farmers, producers and workers in developing countries to earn more money for the work they do every day.  We're also advocating to change the policies which make it difficult for these people to succeed. 

Here are some highlights from an extraordinary year in which international trade has become mainstream news, but the voices and needs of people living in poverty are still overlooked.


In Bangladesh...

We've been working with women jute farmers, helping them to boost their income and influence in a sector where they are so often overlooked.



women have increased their jute sector income by at least 30%


women have taken up leadership roles in their community


of women involved in the project report an increase in decision making on the use of household income

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In Senegal...

Senegal tree.PNG

Land in the remote region of Casamance in southern Senegal is rich and fertile, but all too often, farmers and fruit collectors lack the necessary power in the market to benefit from this – a situation only worsened by the dominance of exploitative middlemen.

We're training farmers on agroforestry and sustainable forest stewardship, and the leaders of the newly-established farmer groups 57% of whom are women – engage in transparent negotiations with their local business partners.

Farmers’ income from the three target fruits of baobab, ditakh and madd has increased by 31%, and their business partners are reporting improved efficiency and assured supply.

We are now working with a leading juice formulator to develop a new range of export-quality juices, which will provide the farmers and fruit collectors with access to new, higher-value premium markets.



In Kenya...

We've been working with over 6,000 farmers in drought prone regions - providing training in drought resistant farming techniques like water harvesting, crop rotation and soil management.



34 percent increase in the average volume of targeted key crops


Farmers have increased their income by 50% or more.

Muthoni Ngunguti holds pigeon peas.jpg_45790.jpg

In the UK...


Over the past 12 months we have continued to put pressure on the Government to ensure that developing countries are not disadvantaged as a result of Brexit.

In response to our campaign, the Government introduced legislation to ensure that goods from developing countries will continue to enter the UK with reduced or zero import taxes - a brilliant success!


In India...

After agriculture, the textiles sector is India’s largest employer, yet its contribution towards the country’s development is hampered by poor environmental and health and safety practices.

Over the last four and half years we have been working with partners across the states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh to increase the production and sales of eco-friendly textiles and enhance the livelihoods of 15,000 textiles artisans.

Artisans have formed community-based organisations and associations which enhance their negotiating position, enabling access to training and support and providing them with a collective voice and a recognised identity.


Play your part in a brighter 2019

Despite some amazing results in the year just gone, there are still so many people who need our help. Next year, we want this report  to be full of even more people increasing their incomes, feeding their families and changing their futures.

We've got big plans - to expand our work into new countries, strengthen existing programmes and challenge the way that entire sectors operate. But none of it can happen without your help.

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