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I have dreams about my children that they will do better jobs and will not have to face poverty like I did.
— Halima, Bangladesh

It wasn't our idea for Halima to start a paper bag business.

She came up with the concept. She taught herself to make the bags by taking one apart and studying it. She sold them, firstly to her uncle-in-law and then expanded to other market traders.

All we had to do was give her a small grant, and some basic business training, to help her get started - and she did the rest.

Before Halima began working with Traidcraft Exchange, she struggled to make enough money to pay the bus fare for her children to get to school. She has no land of her own to earn money through farming, but through her own ingenuity and hard work, she is building a better future for her family.

Thanks to the paper bag business and the training we've given her, Halima can afford to send her kids to school now. She can feed her daughters nutritious food like fish and eggs, which she couldn't before.

Halima is a hidden entrepreneur - someone who has all the talent and determination to succeed, but just needed the opportunity.

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