Give a gift that lasts…

Leave a legacy in your will

Take advantage of our free will writing service and leave a gift that creates a better, fairer world for generations to come.


Free will writing service

You already know that every adult should have a Will. You can use any solicitor but at present, we have teamed up with McClures, a national firm of solicitors who will provide a will-writing service - or a review of an existing will - free of charge (usually these services cost £200 - £250).

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. The service is completely confidential and free of charge. While many people choose to make a voluntary donation to Traidcraft Exchange, there is no obligation or pressure to do this.

You can also arrange a free review of your existing Will or a special price Lasting Power of Attorney service.

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 A gift in your will is a catalyst for change

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 Charles is a farmer and Grandfather in Northern Kenya, but in recent years his crops have failed, due to droughts. Despite working as a health visitor as well as a farmer, at times he struggled to feed his family. 

Charles took part in training offered by Traidcraft Exchange in techniques such as terracing and water storage methods. Now his crops are resilient, and his yields have increased dramatically. Safe in the knowledge he can support his family, he’s investing in his future, and that of his family and community – digging a water storage pan, and building an innovative chicken hatchery from corrugated iron. Most impressively, his success has made him a catalyst for change – he's bringing other farmers together to lobby for improved access to water in the area. Together, they are looking to build a borehole, which will change life for the whole community long into the future.  

“I am motivated to leave something that lasts and that can give my grandchildren a better life. For me, providing for my family is what motivates me the most.” 


A gift in your will is a catalyst for change – helping people like Charles to get the support they need to create a brighter future for themselves and their families and communities. Your legacy will help build a world free from injustice, where everyone, no matter where they were born, can earn a decent living from the hard work they do everyday. 


About Traidcraft Exchange


Our vision is simple…

A world without poverty, where all trade is fair.

By leaving a gift in your Will you can invest in a better future for generations to come, working towards a world where everyone gets a fair share of the profits from trade.

You gift ensures we can use our expertise in trade to bring people together to fight injustice - so that farmers, artisans and workers across the world can earn enough to feed their families and educate their children.

Every gift of any size makes a difference to the futures of these families, now and long into the future.

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Our promises

If you decide to leave a gift in your will to Traidcraft Exchange, we promise: 

  • We will respect your wishes – this is YOUR Will 

  • We won’t put you under pressure – this is a big decision so take your time 

  • We respect that your loved ones come first – we won’t question or try to change this 

  • We will treat you fairly and respectfully, and your gift confidentially 

  • We will use your gift wisely and effectively 

  • We will answer your questions fully and honestly 

  • We recognise your right to change your mind about leaving us a gift – we know circumstances can change 

  • When the time comes, we will treat your family and representatives with sensitivity and respect 

  • We will not ask you to tell us your decision about a gift in your Will because we respect your privacy. But if you choose to tell us, we will thank you.  

    For more information, please call our Supporter Care Team on 0191 497 6445 or email