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Fairer Supply Chains

Many of the products that we consume are grown or manufactured in developing countries.

Traidcraft plc pioneered some of the first fair trade products to be sold in the UK, and this has given us an understanding of what fairness looks like from the perspective of farmers and workers.

Our Fairer Supply Chains work seeks to improve  trading practices so that everyone gets a fair share of the benefits of trade - including farmers, workers and small enterprises. 

What we do:

We make recommendations to business on fair and responsible purchasing

By researching unfair practices within specific supply chains, we form recommendations for how businesses can purchase in such a way that supports development.

Our guides on responsible purchasing are here:

We push for better regulation of unfair trading practices

Government regulation can support fairer supply chains. This is important when large businesses push costs and risks onto their supply chain, a practice which can send competent suppliers out of business and jeopardise the livelihoods of farmers and workers.

Traidcraft Exchange successfully championed the UK government’s introduction of the Groceries Code Adjudicator in 2013, which ensures that 10 large UK supermarkets treat their suppliers lawfully and fairly.  We are now advocating for the Adjudicator’s remit to be extended, so that it can support fairer trading relationships at all levels of the groceries supply chain.

We have also been advocating that the European Commission act to tackle unfair trading practices across Europe, in recognition of the fact that many supermarkets and large brands operate in multiple countries. 

This work is led by Fiona Gooch and Tom Wills, who can be contacted at


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