5 reasons to love tea (even if you really hate tea)


Traidcraft Exchange (and our wonderful supporters!) know tea better than most people. We campaign about it, we host hundreds of tea parties every year and we drink a whole lot of Traidcraft’s Fairtrade tea.

But we also support the smallholder farmers who grow tea in some of the world’s poorest places. With a little help from us, and a lot of hard work, thousands of people have improved their lives… through tea.

This week we’ve been looking back at all our work with smallholder tea growers since we started in 2004…

What we’ve found are 5 statistics and stories that are so positive and so pleasing that they will surely make you like tea… even if can’t stand drinking it!

1.       The income doubler

Double income bangladesh.png

Can you imagine if your income doubled in three years’ time? What would be the first thing you'd buy?

For thousands of tea farmers in Bangladesh, it means they're now more able to afford the basics in life - like food and shelter for their families - plus some leftover to invest in their children's education.

2.   Collective power in action

It's all about Collective Power (2).png

It's a simple idea but it is extremely effective - together, we are stronger. Collective power is part of every project we run, no matter the product or the country. Our work in India’s tea sector is a brilliant example of that where 66,000 tea growers are now better off because they are working together.

3. Room to diversify

Beehives (3).png

We love it when a plan comes together, and it turns out for Kenyan tea farmers, honey and tea make a perfect combination. It’s a quick win for farmers that makes a huge difference for their families.

4. A little left over

saving money (3).png

Before this tea project less than half of households were able to save any money. Now almost all of them can and what’s more the average value of household savings has more than doubled! That means they’re far more resilient to something like a bad harvest or a medical emergency.

5. The stories behind the stats


It’s easy to look at the huge number of tea growers we’ve supported over the years, it’s easy to forget about the stories behind it all.

For Nihar, increased income from her tea farm means her daughter no longer has to walk a 9 mile round trip to school each day. Earning a sufficient income means you can make sensible decisions to invest in your family’s future.


These amazing results simply wouldn’t happen without the support of thousands of generous individuals like you who believe in a better, fairer world and give their time, energy and money to make it happen.

To play your part in creating future stories and statistics like those above, please consider donating to Traidcraft Exchange.

J McNaughton