This is Chanda - she picked your tea

If you’ve been following the 'Who picked my tea?' campaign, you’ll have learned about the terrible conditions endured by the workers of Assam. You’ll know that the biggest six tea brands in the UK have not disputed Traidcraft Exchange’s findings of poverty wages and appalling living conditions.  

You’ll know that together, we can demand that things change. 

Tea estates in Assam have almost total control over their workers lives. Many of the workers are descendants of indentured labourers brought to Assam by the British colonial tea planters. They speak their own language and have their own cultural identity.  

Most workers have lived and worked on a particular estate all their lives, and have no resources to leave - even if they were willing to leave everything they know behind. Unless significant changes happen in Assam, their children face the same powerless future. For us, drinking tea here in the UK, it’s sometimes hard to picture what day to day life looks like for the workers of Assam.  

That’s why we wanted to share Chanda’s story with you. Bravely, she agreed to share her story on camera, but we’ve hidden her face and changed her name to protect her identity. 

If after watching Chanda's story, you want to do something to help... the good news is that you can. Change is possible for the workers of Assam tea estates.

Donate here to help fight for a brighter, fairer future.  

J McNaughton