One brilliant thing from the royal wedding that you might have missed


Did you watch the Royal Wedding in May? One interesting fact might have passed you by…

The new Duke and Duchess of Sussex rejected conventional gifts in favour of charity gifts – choosing to celebrate by helping others, which we at Traidcraft Exchange think is definitely the way to go! Naturally, we think the best charity gifts around are our very own lovely range of cards…

Even if we aren’t members of the Royal Family, most of us have enough stuff in our lives – so choosing a charity gift which doesn’t take up shelf space can only be a win. Charity gifts are a brilliant way of supporting important causes and really spreading the love – for both the recipient, and for people living in poverty.

Plus, they look beautiful – the inside of each glossy card is decorated with a patterned border containing an explanation of the gift you’ve bought, and a blank space for your own message.

If you’ve got a birthday, wedding, or celebration coming up, or if you just want to show someone you care with a beautiful card, there’s a perfect gift for you and your loved ones.

Each of our Gifts for Life supports hidden entrepreneurs in the developing world to leave poverty behind for good. Every gift has a different theme, representing an aspect of our work, so there’s a card for everyone – whether you want ‘Seeds of Change’ for a gardener, or ‘The gift that changes everything’ for a teacher or grandparent.

To expand our existing range, we’ve created three brand new gifts, celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of the people we work with. You might recognise the faces on our new cards from the Hidden Entrepreneur appeal – and if you missed their stories, you can read them here on our website.

We’ve featured Ruth, Halima and Sufia – three amazing and inspirational women!

We know you want to support brilliant people to get a great deal – and now it’s a piece of cake!

Make like Royalty and give a gift that changes lives – you can browse the full range on the Traidcraft shop website here –

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