Exciting news from our Ambassador Andy...


We’ve teamed up with Andy to produce our very own Hidden Entrepreneur weekend box for children to learn all about what it means to build a business.

What’s in the box?

The Business Builder Box includes everything children need to set up their own block-printing craft business, with cut out shapes, paints, greeting cards and a full set of instructions. It’s inspired by our very own Hidden Entrepreneurs!

We were inspired to create this box after getting involved with the Hidden Entrepreneur campaign - it felt like a natural marriage of Weekend Box’s creative inspiration and the Hidden Entrepreneur campaign, all brought together through a box that links nicely with the creative products made by the entrepreneurs Traidcraft Exchange helps to support.
— Andy Stephenson, Weekend Box Club

Although there’s a limited number of these special edition Weekend Boxes, they are available to purchase from Weekend Box at www.weekendboxclub.com/traidcraft for £9.95 with free delivery.

A voluntary £1 from the sale of each box can be donated directly to Traidcraft Exchange. You can also order them by phone - by calling 0191 694 1012.

They are available to order from Monday 26th March 2018, and will likely sell out quickly – so order fast!

You can bulk buy them by calling Andy on 0191 694 1012, or by dropping him an email at andy@weekendboxclub.co.uk

Kate Dixon