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You may have seen our Hidden Entrepreneur appeal, focusing on people in the developing world who have the talent and determination to succeed, but lack the opportunity.

In a world full of potential wasted by poverty, stories like that of Charles, who took part in our FIVE project in Northern Kenya really show how important your commitment is. Charles is a farmer and Grandfather in Northern Kenya, but in recent years his crops have failed, due to droughts. Despite working as a health visitor as well as a farmer, at times he struggled to feed his family.

Charles took part in training offered by Traidcraft Exchange in techniques such as terracing and water storage methods. Now his crops are resilient, and his yields have increased dramatically. Safe in the knowledge he can support his family, he’s investing in his future – digging a water storage pan, and building an innovative chicken hatchery from corrugated iron.

I am motivated to leave something that lasts and that can give my grandchildren a better life. For me, providing for my family is what motivates me the most.
— Charles, Kenya

Regular gifts enable us to carefully plan ahead, and ensure the sustainability of our work – so that year by year, we work towards creating a world free of injustice, where everyone like Charles gets a fair income for their work, no matter what country they live in. It is no exaggeration to say that regular gifts are vital to the work we do, allowing us to set up new projects, expand existing work, and identify new people to work alongside.

There are thousands more people just like Charles across the world, striving for a better life for themselves and their families. With your support, they can fulfil their potential, and plan for a brighter future for themselves and their children.

Hundreds of people across the country already give a monthly gift to change the future for people like Charles. Will you join them? Together we can make sure our projects reach more hidden entrepreneurs, giving them the skills they need to turn their potential into profit.

More income means the freedom to invest in their own futures – through educating their children, preparing for drought or hardship, or coming together in a community group to lobby for local changes.

A     committed gift   is an investment in Hidden Entrepreneurs like Charles. It helps them to, in turn, invest in their communities.

A committed gift is an investment in Hidden Entrepreneurs like Charles. It helps them to, in turn, invest in their communities.

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