Tetley unveils suppliers as ‘Who picked my tea?’ goes on tour

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Tetley has become the latest big tea brand to publish its list of suppliers – our third campaign win (following Yorkshire Tea and Twinings)! 

The news comes just as we’re about to embark on a major national tour to reveal the truth about tea.  

The public will have the chance to hear directly from grassroots campaigners working on the ground in Assam. It’s an opportunity to hear about the difficulties tea workers face and what you can do to help. 

Back in May we launched a big new campaign aiming to bring about change for the women who pick the tea the UK drinks. 

More than 10,000 of you have since taken action – writing directly to the big 6 UK tea brands, asking them ‘Who picked my tea?’ 

That pressure has led three of them to give an answer, which means that we now know where nearly half of the UK’s tea comes from. 

That knowledge is power.  

Power for UK consumers who can see at least some of the tea supply chain for the first time. 

But, more importantly, power for tea workers, who can use that information in their struggle for better pay and conditions in Assam. 

As one of the workers we interviewed as part of our undercover investigation said: 

"We struggle to produce the tea leaves in rain and sun. The tea produced is then sold there, and we don’t know for what price. The management says, “The tea didn’t get good price. The tea is not selling.” This way they keep cheating us with lesser wage." 

Knowing that the tea you pick ends up being sold by a major brand means you have a powerful company with a reason to listen when conditions on the tea estate aren’t good enough. 

Tetley just became one of those companies. 

P.S. We’d love you to send Tetley a message congratulating them - you can email help@tetley.co.uk and if you’re on Twitter you can tweet them @tetleyuk  

P.P.S. And if you’d like to join us on tour you can get your free tickets here 

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J McNaughton