Clipper publishes Assam suppliers in response to #WhoPickedMyTea On Tour 

Clipper has become the latest big tea brand to publish its list of suppliers - our fourth campaign win (following Yorkshire Tea, Twinings, and Tetley)! 

The news comes in the wake of our successful national tour in which campaigners working on the ground in Assam were able to directly tell the British public the truth about tea. 

Clipper admits that it was consumer power that forced them over the line. It says

“There has been a lot of interest from you, our lovely tea drinkers, about the gardens we buy from in Assam.” 

Clipper is talking about you and everyone else who has sent a #WhoPickedMyTea email or postcard – more than 10,000 of you so far! 

Clipper’s move is the most comprehensive to date when it comes to its suppliers from Assam. It’s the first brand to list the addresses as well as the names of individual tea estates. That may not sound like much of an addition but it’s exactly the kind of detailed information that will help campaigners on the ground in Assam to work out exactly which estate is selling to which UK brand.  

If you were one of the hundreds of people who came to a #WhoPickedMyTea On Tour event then you’ll know that the UK campaign is going from strength to strength and that pressure from the public is working. 

With four of the six major brands publishing we’ve changed the norm. For the first time the ‘transparent group’ (including Yorkshire Tea, Twinings, Tetley, and now Clipper) outnumbers the ‘secretive group’ with PG Tips and Typhoo now in the minority. 

Being part of the solution means brands being transparent about what they do. 

As Clipper explains why it decided to publish its Assam suppliers: 

“We believe that providing transparency on where we source our tea from will help build a more sustainable supply chain by empowering all stakeholders in the tea industry – from producers to workers to civil society groups.” 

We agree. 

That knowledge is power.  

Power for UK consumers who can see at least some of the tea supply chain for the first time. 

But, more importantly, power for tea workers, who can use that information in their struggle for better pay and conditions in Assam. 

P.S. We’d love you to send Clipper a message congratulating them - you can email and if you’re on Twitter you can tweet them @clipperteas

Tom Sharman is the Senior Campaigns and Communications Officer at Traidcraft Exchange.

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