Meet Kashara. He’s an entrepreneur with a big project ahead…

Kashara means business when it comes to farming. His drive and ambition have seen him through some tough times, but for him and his family, the benefits of life as an entrepreneur outweigh the difficulties.

“My wife Eunice and I have been farming for 15 years now and I have not been employed since 1997. To be your own boss is a good thing. As owners of a small farm, the challenges are many but the cost of freedom outweighs whatever problems we have.”

For Kashara, a turning point in his farming career came after taking part in a project run by Traidcraft Exchange. The training he received in negotiating contracts with buyers, reducing wastage, and record keeping, meant that be began to view farming as a business, rather than simply a means of feeding his family.

“It’s much better as a business. Our parents farmed simply to eat, but farming gives us a good position to plan for new things. If you are employed by someone else, you have no freedom to plan.”

Having grown the income from his farm considerably over that last three years, he and Eunice are now focused on their most important project yet:

 “We have an ongoing project, which is to educate our children. Our first-born child is now in form 1 and we have 6 more following her. So, my hope is that I can give them all the opportunities in life.”

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